View Full Version : retro caravan build

Skip Foose
29-10-13, 06:19 PM
been after a retro caravan for a while so iv bought this needs some work but its coming on fairly well, iv put the new floor in, fixed the leaks, fitted new celotex insulation ready to put new wall boards back in, im hoping to be putting the cupboards, beds and kitchen back in over the weekend, the wife is going to do the curtains and seats, it will be repainted in the same colours ready for next year




29-10-13, 06:27 PM
^^^^..thats a bit of an extreme way to see if there's any change down the back of the seats mate..:incheek:

Skip Foose
29-10-13, 11:24 PM
yes but it was worth it, i found 2 bob and half a marathon