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14-02-14, 12:12 AM
going with EFI on my rover v8, got a complete system of a discovery but as the throttle body is on the side of the plenum chamber Im not sure if it will all fit under a model A hood with sides? so if need be i'll make a sheet ally plenum with the throttle body on the front. But i dont know if the shape or size of the camber makes a difference, am thinking of a square box roughly the same shape and size as the original?

Any thoughts guys??

14-02-14, 08:27 AM

good question. ..its an air box at the end of the day..

14-02-14, 09:18 AM
It is a good question....Can't help thinking that the inside of the 'box' at least should be radiused, so that the speed of the air remains sorta constant through the box.. thinking that a square box will make the airflow all inconsistent.:beuj:

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14-02-14, 11:43 AM
I take it you will end up with something like a modern LS engine with the throttle body at the front. They did do a twin plenum version of the rover intake, basically two throttle bodies side by side. My friends TVR has a 5l engine with a single set up, it was sent back to TVR power in the midlands and was wildly updated, the inlets on the inside have been "bored" so that they actually overlap and the trumpets have been removed altogether. The thing that got me was that the supply hose and the throttle body are the standard items, and it runs very strong.
Basically I wouldn't be too concerned about fine details as radiusing, as the air isn't forced into the chamber it is drawn through it. Having said that it would be on view when the lid is up so a nice profile would be a bonus.
How about a twin shotgun filter unit with twin throttle bodies, might be a bit over kill but would look different.
Just reading through and although the TVR I know doesn't have trumpets in the box the throttle body is basically in the middle down the side of the box, so thinking out loud, if you put them in the front you may well want to put differeing sized trumpets from front to back so that you don't starve the rear most intakes and have lean cylinders at the rear.

14-02-14, 02:48 PM

Looked at that already but I cant see any of the pictures...

was thinking of something along the lines of this but with the throttle body at the front and no taper.......

16-02-14, 09:42 PM
I've not looked under the bonnet of my SD1 for a couple of years now, but if I remember correctly, the throttle body ends roughly in line with the outside edge of the rocker cover.
It's the airflow meter, intake tubing and air filter that will cause you problems with space.