View Full Version : small diesel daily

30-03-14, 09:14 PM
if i,m going to be able to stick this new job i,v started i,m going to need a small modern diesel daily (1.4 tdi sort of thing)
preferbly in part ex for one of the items i have in the for sale section


31-03-14, 04:40 PM
go on ebay then,

Fordson Van
10-04-14, 06:01 PM
got an old focus diesel estate 12 months mot well maintained but high mileage,runs superbly, few dents and marks 595

10-04-14, 08:08 PM
cheers,, FV.
but i,m really looking for something along the lines of 1.4,, cheap tax diesel van , like a 206 or fiesta,, 55 plate onwards

Fordson Van
12-04-14, 08:53 PM
ok,will keep mi eyes open for you

19-04-14, 02:23 AM
i may have a temporey ,solution coming today

old,dirt cheap, and very tidy, pug,106,

19-04-14, 08:28 PM
pug, was very tidy on the outside but totally ,rotton, underneath,, never seen one as bad ,

but i managed to get a 51 plate fiesta td van at a real good price

so i,m sorted for now ,,thanks,,