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20-04-14, 02:05 PM
Just hijacked the idea and why not??

Starter for 10, who's is this then?


20-04-14, 07:16 PM
looks like an older pic
whats the story with that one :)

20-04-14, 07:22 PM
that looks like the old Street Machine rover .if it is I think it` sadly no more

Special When Lit
20-04-14, 08:41 PM
Street Machine project, think it rusted away.

20-04-14, 10:55 PM

nice couple fellas racing the jag, had a 350 fitted and the pair of them had spent all night fitting the motor to race the next day only to blow the rear crank seal on their first run ....they did blow the doors of that rover though :sniff:

21-04-14, 05:00 AM
Let's have a closer look Captain!

21-04-14, 05:01 AM
that looks like the old Street Machine rover .if it is I think it` sadly no more
Thats the one. More pics will come in my story

21-04-14, 08:48 AM
last time I saw the Street Machine Rover was about 20 years ago.it was sitting on a drive in Waltham Abbey 4 flat tyres faded paint and rust on a lot of the panels. then it dessapeared

21-04-14, 04:00 PM
There was another one with those type of wheels , built by Overfinch(Schuler Presses) with Chevy 350 and Range Rover drivetrain ......Built for the Manager / owner of Laura Ashley Ltd
It might have been really built by Alvin Smith (RR racer)