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11-05-14, 09:33 AM
I've been offered a chassis from a production car which will suit my upcoming rod build quite nicely. The trouble is, the more I read about the law and rules, the more confused I get. So, my question is this. What modifications can I make to an existing chassis and stay within the rules?

I'm thinking things such as boxing in, maybe remove/shorten some outriggers to suit the new body, maybe even move the engine or convert to IRS.

Can the collective knowledge on here give me any help?

11-05-14, 08:14 PM
Take a look at the ace.org site it will give you chapter and verse but as a starting point I believe you can box the chassis for added strength but can't shorten or or remove the outriggers. Moving the engine is fine so long as you don't cut the chassis. You can add an IRS if you mount the IRS on subframe and then bolt that to the chassis but without cutting the chassis, basically you should not alter the chassis in any way otherwise you run the risk of loosing the mandatory points that go towards the 8 points you need to keep the reg of the car or stop you going for a BIVA test.
As said look on the ace site for more and better info.

13-05-14, 06:38 AM
Thanks for the reply. I've spent a while on the ACE site. I'll probably be contacting them shortly for a bit more detailed help. In the meantime, if anyone connected with the site reads this, a number of links are blind.

The thing that is confusing me a little is chassis mods. Cutting, removing, adding outriggers is not allowed as its a mod. Boxing is, even though it is a mod. I understand that boxing done correctly will improve vehicle integrity, but it could also be argued that so would adding or modifying outriggers.

Then theres the question of IRS. Done correctly, that can also improve chassis strength/vehicle integrity. But it appears that its only legal if existing mounting points are used. Which really prohibits the best job to be done.

For those of you currently building a legal rod, I have a growing respect!

13-05-14, 02:33 PM
Hope he doesn't mind me suggesting this but give Kapri on here a pm he is very knowledgeable and helpful on this sort of thing and is involved with ace. He would rather speak to someone about this than post stuff on an open forum.
I get your point about mods that make for a better/stronger chassis, BUT as they say, that is the rules, like them or not.