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29-10-14, 06:26 PM
My twin stick circle track style gearchange - finished recently. Thanks to Whengparts for the laser cut shift levers. Note the grips on the 1st/reverse shifter - taken from my K frame S&W 38. Main gearlever uses a practice grenade from Karma Kustoms.

The frame on the side is for the cable clutch conversion.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10730836_770609072999312_1756215989922402349_n.jpg ?oh=ff756a449c14b523bdcd849eeca8dfd9&oe=54EA6451&__gda__=1425580521_d0921c681d658652c5620c2c15c10c7 7

It is a 3 speed straight cut T85 from a GMC truck. Originally it was column change. When I bought the 347 Pontiac engine and gearbox as a cut out to put in my 1921 Model T modified I bought a Mr Shifter kit to convert it to floor change.

Because it was a universal kit it had to be chopped about to fit. Long story short, the H pattern was very unreliable and would often leave one shift lever in gear while change trying to shift into another. This jams the box up and could easily cause damage. Speaking to older guys on The HAMB, they told me that this was common back in the day and they would often have to poke around under the car to push both shift levers back into neutral before being able to select any gear. Might be OK in rural Texas but would be problematical in heavy traffic here in the UK.

I know I could buy a decent quality Hurst shifter to sort the problem but they are difficult to find in the UK and a new one would be the thick end of $500 imported (check the prices on Summit). Thinking about it and then checking gear ratios etc I realised I would not really need 1st gear in day to day driving. Summit and others have two and three stick kits for this gearbox and the later 4 speeds. People on The HAMB report using them without problems on the street. So... on the basis of using what I've got and keeping it simple I decided to make my own twin stick set up using rose joints and some laser cut shift levers. When it goes back in the car I will make a lock out for the reverse lever.

Result is a very slick change in the two gears I will use 99% of the time. This is because the levers pivot on oil-lite phosphor bronze bearings, the shift levers are tight on the shafts, the rods are very rigid and the rose joints good quality.

29-10-14, 06:32 PM
Thats cool.

01-11-14, 09:47 PM
Yes a thumbs up for that, nice one:tup: