View Full Version : '79 & '80 Hot Car in binders. SOLD.

Hemi Bucket
10-12-14, 10:05 PM
'79 & '80 Hot Cars in binders. They binders are in good, but not fantastic condition, the magazines are in better nick.
'79 includes the Prisoner T, Speed Freak, the PA project, a road test on Martin Bonners high riding '55, Vitamin T, Invader CF, Chris horsfells Daimler T, Sweet Sensation Capri, C Men T, Paul Haigh A roadster, Satan's Pawn & Wal Barter '31 Chevy.

'80 includes Ken Stamps B pick up, the Players No6 hot rod ad, True Brit, Change of Heart Riviera, how to chop a Minor, Street Racer championships, Andy Parfitts T, two Kustom Mk1 Consuls, Steve Stringers KVX Transit & Bob Wellsteads A roadster pick up.
Asking 20 each including courier delivery. SOLD