View Full Version : 4 bars rose joints / bushes

02-07-13, 07:07 AM
I can't remember where I found it last time , on a set of 4 bars was it best for a street /strip application to have bushes chassis end and rose joints axle side cheers or vice verser ?

02-07-13, 07:10 AM
ive made the ladder bars for the Y rubber bushed chassis end and rose jointed onto the axle

02-07-13, 07:44 AM
Cheers ifan , thought so

02-07-13, 08:02 AM
There are a lot of variables in there. Parallel or triangulated four link? If 'parallel' are you looking at fixed mountings or adjustable at the chassis for preload? How much street and how much strip?

02-07-13, 08:46 AM
A few run what you brungs , was going to make both ends adjustable to alter length and angle , was going to start with parallel 4 bars and a whats linkage

02-07-13, 04:34 PM
Watts linkage will be good for lateral location, as far as the four link is concerned, how hard do you intend to push the car?

02-07-13, 07:33 PM
Not really will make adjustable brackets so I can alter the angle of the top bar , to make it more like ladder bars design