View Full Version : nitrous bottle explodes

04-07-13, 10:14 AM
just seen this on outlaw street,under general chat ,dont know how to do linky thing ,that mustang looks a mess

04-07-13, 11:07 AM
This one? http://www.dragzine.com/news/overheated-nitrous-bottle-explodes-in-the-trunk-of-a-mustang/

04-07-13, 11:59 AM
Ouch very nasty.

This one? http://www.dragzine.com/news/overheated-nitrous-bottle-explodes-in-the-trunk-of-a-mustang/

04-07-13, 12:14 PM
ouch! thats a nasty one

04-07-13, 12:17 PM
That shouldn't happen bottle must be faulty.

04-07-13, 12:32 PM
People on the sites I visit tend to think the bottle was fitted with two burst discs in the valve, either accidentally or negligently.

Very hot day, reaching 120F+ in the car with a bottle of gas getting overheated and no way to vent equals big Kaboom. It's not the first one to go pop. Probably won't be the last.



04-07-13, 12:37 PM
That shouldn't happen bottle must be faulty.

A few years back, I can remember walking very quickly away from the pit area of a racer (who should have known better) warming up his nitrous bottle.

No, not with a bottle blanket but with a hand held blowlamp!!!! Don't know the story on the pic shown but people have been known to do some stupid stuff at times. Must have been a pretty big bang to do that.