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08-07-13, 09:48 PM
I very politely asked to have my registration deleted and got told to Fuck Off

So I have sat here with nothing better to do and see how long it takes to get banned and deleted.

Can't claim copyright the the following but found it on the net

OK here goes nothing.
When Si sold the forum, what he sold was us. There is no way you can dispute that the value in a forum is based 100% on the traffic of people that flows through it. We the members input the vast majority of the content that brought guest here and turned them into members. It is this membership base and the content that AG paid for. I have asked the question regarding what went wrong and the answer I received was clear if a little guarded. The forum was sabotaged, it is that simple. It is the practice of AG to leave a new forum in the "safe" hands of the mods that have helped build it in the first place, they work on the principle of if it aint broke dont fix it. They do change a few things, like adverts for guest etc but to be honest none of that was a secret at the time of sale Si knew exactly who he was selling us to and exactly who they would recoup their investment.
So back to the recent past. As the site was in "safe" hands the crew at AG sat back and let things run until they heard that anything was amiss, and this is where the story gets nasty. Someone and no-one is being named here tampered with the forum in such a way that all the triggers that were set to alert AG to any issues were turned off. This sabotage was done in such a way that even PMs were diverted. Who ever carried out this tampering had one last trick to pull, they destroyed a log of activity showing who carried out what changes, this is not a simple job by any means and requires a detailed knowledge of how the forum works. Once all form of alarm was removed all that was left was for the mods to withdraw (be design or because of a perceived lack of interest from AG i.e. lack of replies to PMs etc) in very short time the amount of race hate and other non car crappy posts went up, the site faults went up and suddenly there is a "need" for a new site. That is the whole story as I have managed to understand it. I appreciate that some of you are not going to like what I am saying and I understand some of you will think its made up all I would ask if that you consider the following: Who was the only person that could possibly profit from the failure of Rods n Sods?
We built this forum, we filled it with amazing stories and thousands of superb photographs, we formed friendships based on our being part of this so why on earth would we even think about destroying all that?
I would ask that anyone who isnt happy with what I have said or has anything to add please PM me asap I have no axe to grind and no fight to win I just hate to see this place torn down over what looks like a case of greed.

09-07-13, 12:09 PM
Scaf, when I met you at wheels day you seemed an ok guy, but honestly WTF??????

You are one sad fucker :shake: Just leave it, as all you are doing is showing what an idiot you are.

09-07-13, 01:40 PM
I have no axe to grind

You could cut down a whole forest :lol: