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    ^^^ Ouch... missing that R5 Turbo hurts to this day I would imagine Mr fact, I just felt a pang of remorse myself!

    "MJ I'm now depressed..." Me too Mr Stilltrying, me too...
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    You know I found out some time ago that lamenting over lost cars and lost love doesn't accomplish a damn thing. It's fun to talk about but consider that if we were to live another 50 years we'd be lamenting that 2016 something or other that we missed out on "back in the day". Personally I enjoy the little "wins" that I get occasionally such as the factory 428 finned aluminum cobra jet valve covers that I picked up at a flea market this morning for $10. It all makes for great story telling but nothing else. Hell just yesterday I passed on a roush convertible for $18k, low miles and entirely to cheap to be legit, even after seeing it in person!

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    Finned aluminium cobra jet valve covers. My '66 Galaxie 7 Litre when I got it had a set of those on it - whilst it was a factory 428 cu in it was pre-CJ, so someone 'Stateside had fitted them. Memories - (this was in 1977 or '78!)
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