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    T: Projects to Restored

    T: Projects to Drivers
    I thought it best to post all our cars in one advert so not to flood the forum.
    So please check back regularly as I'll add and update with our new stock.

    We are located in Devon as are the cars. Viewing which you are welcome to do is by prior arrangement, I've added a picasaweb link showing hundreds of pictures on each car in great detail hiding nothing!!

    I'll also answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge using the preferred old method of the "telephone conversation" rather than endless emails or text.

    Please note if they don't have a V5c they'll have correct paperwork (Title and NOVA) to register after an MOT
    We may also be able to help with transport

    Thanks for looking and check back soon for updates
    Steve 07800 98228seven

    Pictures are here

    So here goes

    1931 (Brown)Model A Coupe runner 12 volt conversion £12,750 V5c driver

    1947 Ford 2 door sedan older resto unmolested and complete! £16,750 V5c driver

    1929 Model A roadster project non-runner mostly complete £11,750 V5c project

    1930 (Dick Dean) Ford Roadster pick-up old 50s Hot Rod £16250 V5c driver

    1963 Dodge pick-up runner V8 slammed etc £6,250 driver

    1952 Henry J project make perfect gasser £4,750 V5c project

    1946 Ford Coupe project roller no motor/trans £5750 V5c project

    1964 Olds Cutlass 454 big block Chevy project £4,750 project

    1931 (Green/Black) Model A Coupe runner nicest body you’ll ever find £12,750 V5c driver

    1935 Ford Sedan project Chevy/TH350 10 bolt Mustang II front £5750 V5c project

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    Great cars but I think you'll find that if you do a bit of an intro you'll get a better response from members. I know your provenance but many would not. Just a thought.
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