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    Chevy Blazer 1999/2000 Spares or Repair

    1999/2000 Right Hand Drive Red Chevy Blazer 4.3l Vportec 4x4 Automatic. I was using this for a fair few years until a head gasket went and I parked it up, that was well over two years ago now and as I haven't got round to repairing it I think it is time to get rid.

    It has an LPG system fitted that worked a treat, push button four wheel drive system, full leather with electric front seats, alloy wheels, tow bar, electric windows, sunroof and mirrors.

    Since been parked up the front screen has been cracked and the engine has now seized. There is no battery fitted either.

    Will take photo's of what it looks like now for any interested people via email.

    Want 475.00 if not then will break it up and sell as parts which will get more money but obviously is more time consuming but not giving it away.
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