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Thread: My little Van

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    I had a mate drop off some weld in blanks he had kindly knocked up and delivered to my abode this morning.... TOP FELLA, gave me the opportunity to fill some trim holes on my front panel, the Van normally has a chrome Horseshoe around the grill, personally I dislike enough to delete it, giving the front end a much smoother look, like the earlier A30,
    One of the 10mm blanks made for me,

    My preferred method of fitting these prior to welding is a piece of masking tape, allowing me to hold such small pieces from behind allowing me to tack the plugs in position easily

    as easy as that really, easy access from behind and remember to make sure the tape is not burning merrily somewhere,

    And the three of the 7 holes plugged, going well so far,

    With Chrome,

    Without chrome, but it will have the missing chrome spear and badge

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