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Thread: seat belts

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    seat belts

    Help looking for a set of rear belts for a Ram 1500 year 2001.It failed mot because of these.

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    Can't help with a set but do know of a guy sort of bedford way that re-webs seat belts, that's all he does. I found him last year when my 1997 Suburban needed a new drivers belt, might be similar to your one in that it has two inertia reels for both the drivers and passengers front seats, thought he might not do it because of the two inertia's but not a problem, I dropped it off and he did it with in 24 hours. I paid 50 which when you consider I was offered a secondhand one from a breakers for 65 plus postage, I thought it was good value.
    The rear seat belts in your truck are probably ordinary single inertia reels so I can't see an issue with him doing them.
    I know you maybe a long way off but this guy does mainly mail order anyway. His web site is
    If all else fails then I'd give him a shout.


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