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    KOOL FBS 2- Vauxhall victor fb wagon (JMH818B)

    This was originally built as mild custom by a guy named Rob burton from Bedford,
    Rob built the green version of the car around 1993ish and grey version a couple of years later minus the scallops.
    It then moved on to a guy named john phillips, after john had asked rob to spray the scallops on, john fitted some wider cresta wheels to the rear with 195 tyres and a set moondiscs then sold it to a guy named tony bowers, who then passed it onto adam stockwell, who had it featured in june 1995 issue of street machine in the readers rides section now minus its moondiscs.
    After that, it moved to a guy named richard sparkey, who owned it when it got hit by a car outside his house.
    Richard sold it to mark decuna (not sure if thats spelt right), who repaired it then sold it on to someone else.
    Whoever that was (known as rebelrouser 63 on rods n sods ), then sold it to colin woods in 2000.
    Colin woods bought it and built the orange version, fitted with 2.0 litre pinto.
    I'm pretty sure colin sold it in february 2010,
    Im still trying to trace who owns it now, colins son says it went down south and was fitted with the big wheels and s turbo.
    It came up on ebay in sollihull west mids in september 2011.

    The dvla site says the mot ran out February 2012, wonder where it is now
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