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    KOOL FBS 3- Vauxhall victor fb wagon (ATR993B)

    This 1964 fb wagon, had been stored for years, from 1970 i believe by its first owner. Then it was bought, resprayed and fitted with slotmags by a guy named Lee Andrew around 1995.
    When the engine expired on the way back from a car meeting at the end of 95 a toyota celica twin cam engine n box was fitted with vx4/90 axles and brakes and 14'' steel wheels with hubcaps, then later a set of cragar 5 spokes followed. It was then sold on in sept 1997 and was later featured in street machine march 1998 when owned by new owner graheme angus.
    Graheme sold it soon after around 1998 and the car then disapeared.
    It came out again in 2007/08 now fitted with a rover v8 and auto and owned by a guy named stuart tabberer, (not sure if thats spelt right).

    if you see this stuart, please get in touch
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