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    KOOL FBS 4 -Vauxhall victor fb (ANU734A)

    This 2.0 pinto powered fb was owned by a guy named dave carter who bought the car as an unfinished project, dave then sold to a friend named doug robinson who was building a custom truck, but thought that this would make a good quick project. Doug did the cosmetic stuff, the paint job and a couple of jobs for the mot, it also featured a white vinal with red piping interior.
    Then once the truck was finished it was sold back to dave carter, who ran it before selling it on.
    It turned up on ebay around 2008ish, and has done some time in the hands of colin clarke in jersey, who also owned the russ hancox built green fb wagon now owned by robert sellers prior to this one.
    I remember someone started some body repairs on this car a little while after it appeared on ebay (red oxide primer on front panel),
    It is currently sat in a yard in st blazey cornwall looking a little tired,
    Dvla records says its been off the road since may 2014, and ive been told its now owned by a banger racer named mojo, The car is currently being worked on again, but progress is slow due to the rust in the bodyshell.
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