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    KOOL FBS 5- Vauxhall victor fb (767EYH)

    This car was originally boughtfor 150 as a cheap runabout, and used to learn to weld on by a guy named grahame smith (a member of the surrey street rodders) and while doing so, it was turned into a mild custom (or should that be
    kustom), it did the street machine john o groats to lands end cruise for charity in 1987,as well as many trips to rod runs, in the uk and on the continant, it also got featured in january 1988 issue of street machine.
    Graheme kept it until 1995, apparently going through 2 engines, 1 gearbox and 1 axle then put it up for sale in custom car.

    Later on It came up for sale again in street machine jan 2003.


    The next part of this cars history, happened when a guy named rob? from Margate
    bought it from ebay in 2006, rob apparently ran the car around for a year until the
    engine gave up again, then the decision was to do a full rebuild, this happened in 2011 and included the following among other things-

    2''front and 3.5'' rear roofchop.rover 3.5v8 engine/manual box, 2.8 capri rear axle, escort leaf springs, front disc brakes, remote servo, central locking, new headlining, retrimmed door cards, front and rear seatbelts, halogen headlights, mini heater, respray in silver and green.

    Rob then drove it but then removed the engine/box and put the car on ebay in November 2014.

    From this it was bought by Jason Pain from dover. Jason totally painted and detailed underneath and fitted with a 3.9 efi rover v8/ manual box, plus some 15'' modern steel wheels, later fitted with baby moon caps

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