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Thread: Dodge b200

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    Dodge b200

    I've got a dodge b200 tradesmen with a 5.9ltr manual column shift 3 gears, got trouble with it getting stuck in gear and think it's the thrust bearings, anyone know if there's any in the UK I can get instead of importing please.

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    YOu could try USAutomotive near Bedford, they had a thrust bearing for my 79 vette or you could just buy one from Rockauto in the states (far cheaper even with postage and duty) and wait about a week for delivery, they have them from about 7 to 25 depending on make. Do a google and you will find a discount code somewhere as well.

    Having said that, I think I would pull the tranny first as you could be right and it's just a sticking or knackard thrust bearing but at worse it could be that the clutch forks or diaphragm fingers have bent so a complete clutch package would be required. I'm assuming you have checked the linkages of the column change to make sure they are running smooth and not binding in any way.

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    Customville often stock odd items that you wouldn't really expect - it's worth giving them a call


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