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    Detonators' BBQ, Oxleas Wood Cafe, Shooters Hill, 6th August

    Might need a bit of help with this one...

    My plan for the weekend is to go to Buster Lang on the Saturday, stay until Sunday morning but then bugger off pronto to get to the Detonators' BBQ in south London. Trouble is, there doesn't seem to have been much released by the Detonators about the event.

    Their BBQ is an informal lazy Sunday afternoon, primarily for the sort of trad rods, kustoms and '50s American classics that the Detonators Club caters for, but anything cool and classic is allowed to join in the fun.

    Usually their pre-Hayride party, I spoke to some of the Detonators a couple of weeks ago and they confirmed that the BBQ would be going ahead, but with a change of date to the first Sunday in August. They also confirmed that it would be the usual venue, Oxleas Wood Cafe.

    No idea about times, though, but I'll assume it's the same as in the past, 2:00-5:30pm. Pretty sure it's still a free event.

    This is the only source I can find at the moment:

    Given the lack of promotion, I also have reservations about turning up in case there aren't many people there 'cos no one else knows about it.

    All I can say for certain is the date (6th August) and location:
    Oxleas Wood Cafe
    Crown Woods Lane
    Shooters Hill
    SE18 3JA

    C'mon Detonators, this is a great little do, just confirm the details for us and we'll be along to support it!

    2016 photos:

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    Looks like the bands booked in for 2.
    Would image you should be ok if the band has listed a gig. Maybe they just want to try and keep it a club only type afternoon
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