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    Might as well be part of the furniture.
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    It took almost 10 minutes of twisting and gentle pushing for it to engage in the pump.

    Can take that long even for professionals. Now you can see why so many people get it wrong.

    Now fill the trans to the top mark and fire up the engine. Add more fluid until you get a CLEAN line on both sides of the dip stick. I have dipped and wiped over 20 times on some transmissions to get a clean line of the level.

    First trip around the block, dip the trans again.

    Hope this is not eggs and grandma....

    Seen a trans input shaft, seal and converter nose wiped out after a few hundred miles due to no dowels installed. They are there for a reason.
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    Might as well be part of the furniture.
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    Had to find some where to put the induction so the top of the motor seemed like a good place.
    Getting there


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