What are you plans for Wednesday evening? Drop them! You don't want to do that, you want to do this!

Sadly, the autumn is drawing nearer and soon we'll all be curled up and shivering around an asthmatic paraffin heater trying to see the winter through, while the roads are lost in a bitter deluge and the devil's salt threatens our cars. Cheer up, though, because we're not quite there yet and what better way to mark the passing of another great hot rod summer than with the Ace Cafe's End of Summer Riot?

From 6-11pm, the Ace will fill up with dozens of rods and Yanks keen to make the most of what remains of our lovely, sunny(?) weather and what a great atmosphere there will be with some of the world's nicest people converging with some of the world's coolest cars onto the world's greatest eating establishment!

And if summer does decide to take flight prematurely, you can at least hide from the weather indoors where the Drugstore Cowboys will be belting out some rockin' songs.

2016 photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zacks_...57676228328125