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    Well, at least something is starting to go right on the Galaxie...finally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilltrying View Post
    I've got hydroboost brakes on my suburban, not too impressed with it though. When the serpentine belt broke I lost power steering, water pump, a/c, alternator power and the brakes INSTANTLY. The steering was just really really heavy but the brakes were next to useless, would much rather have a servo assist than hydroboost anyday, having said that if you don't have any power assist at present then a hydroboost system is far better than nothing
    Definitely a downer when you lose the drive belts but with the cam that it will eventually get back in it there isn't enough vacuum to drive a vac based system and after looking at the alternatives and my neighbor about to scrap a chevy pickup with the required parts it kind of fell into place.

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    Might as well be part of the furniture.
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    Fair enough, better than no assist at all. The alternative I assume would be a vacuum pump but I believe they can be a bit noisy.


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