I need to modify the rad on the T, mainly because when this was first designed it was to have a rover lump in it and now it has a BB mopar so the bottom and top hose points are in different places and also it has a filling point on the rad that will be redundant as well.
So, it's an old school rad, not aluminium, removing and redoing the outlet and inlet should be fairly easy but I was thinking of going with AN fittings, does anyone know if you can get female bungs to fit to a copper tank. I've looked on the web but to no avail, all I get are weld in bungs in stainless, mild steel or aluminium.
Alternatively I was thinking that maybe there were screw in bungs then all I would need to do is get a circular piece of copper, solder it in place and then cut an internal thread the size of the bung.
I realise that the largest size AN fitting I can get is -20, I think this is marginal on size for main hoses, I've looked for -24 but they all seem to be the "fake" fitting with a jubilee clip inside the fitting. I did see one for sale in America but that wa from an ex-NAS CAR engine and was only one fitting, plus it was bloody expensive.
Any thoughts or ideas?