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    Kool fb's 6 Vauxhall victor (269HOL)

    This car many moons ago was owned by a guy from the uk kustoms car club, kristian cooke who also started putting together anoter fb wagon later on (see album YHH110B). Apparently bought for 30 in metalic blue from a scrapyard, 100 was spent to get it through mot, then it was painted satin black with ford matisse blue steel wheels and scallops then sold on after doing the chelsea cruise and the 1999 nats....

    John Clark from Newquay, bought it in 2004 as a matt black fb estate with red steels, john says its a 1962 model which had been imported from south africa but bought from bradford yorkshire.
    First jobs done, were new sills, a few patches and a respray in satin black, john then sprayed the roof silver. Then It was then slammed over 17'' alloys, having necessary mods for clearance to the inner wings. After it was painted metalic blue/green and fitted with the pinto engine.
    2006/07- the car had more welding and was again resprayed in gloss black.
    In 2010, the car came off the road for a couple of years to have more welding to the bulkhead and sills, and was painted grey which in johns words 'looked crap', so once again was painted gloss black, and a set of five spoke wheels.
    The latest change was a flame paintjob and wheel change a couple of years ago
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    Very much like the 2006/7 incarnation gloss black

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    Great to see the evolution there, it looks best in the penultimate pic in my opinion. Just goes to show that black with flames is a winning combination on any decent-sized car.


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