Probably one for our Uncle Fad.

I am taking the plunge and going to rebuild my 727 torqueflight autobox, a few reasons really, one I have not found a cheap enough manual transmission, two I have already made the mounts for the auto and they sort of work, thirdly I have never done one before so thought it would be a job to try over the Christmas break and finally IF it works it is the cheapest way forward.

Done a few manual boxes years ago but never an auto.

So I have purchased a complete rebuild kit for the box including all new bushings along with a deep ali sump and I have looked at a few you tube videos, so I should be good to go

The question is what fluid to use? lots of differing opinions from ford stuff to dextron 111 and atf+4, want to get some quickly to soak the clutch parts in before assembly, will eventually need about 2.5 gallon of the stuff when I get a new converter plus the deep sump. It is not cheap stuff is it?