Well progress has been very slow for one reason and another, but I am running out of time so with no big end or main bearings arriving I decided to tackle the front wishbone bushes, this was not as bad as I was expecting, basically brute force and ignorance plus youtube was the order of the day.

Luckily, many many years ago, I had bought a complete poly bush set for an older Vette and they are the same so I have installed new poly bushes in the upper and lower wishbones as well as the antiroll bar drop links. Will need to do the power steering ram bushes as well.

I did manage to bugger up one of the brake hard lines so will have to make one of those up. Would really have liked to get all the bits shot blasted and painted but time is not on my side so a quick wire brush and some satin black paint is all it is getting for now.

The big end and main bearings finally arrived today, I have no idea what I did wrong but Rockauto sent the bearings via parcel force, they were in customs holding for three days and I got stung for VAT plus Parcel forces 12 plus administration fees, no import duty. This is the longest time taken for anything to get to me from Rockauto and I have never had issues with duty or VAT or postal charges before so not sure what I did differently this time but it is putting me off buying from them at the moment.

The strange thing was that the bearings country of origin was GERMANY!!! Took from the 23rd. May till 13th. June, not best pleased.