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    Carburetion 'sucks' !
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    Driving 'round the M25 so fast the centrifugal force is forcing my face against the side window!
    If it makes you feel better - crap happens. En-route last Sunday in the Vette to the annual American and Hot Rod show at the Museum of Power, Maldon, Essex and with a dozen or so other Essex Vetteheads, had a major 'joust' with Tony and his Procharged C5Z06 and then (for me) oil pressure!
    Must have driven for a couple of miles (fortunately at cruising speed) before the sound of 'empty' lifters leads me to thinking to myself "I'm really going need to adjust the lifter clearances this weekend, they seem to be getting noisier by the minute" - the 'penny then dropped'. Suspect a detached oil pump pick-up or perhaps sheared oil pump drive............bastard thing. First year for a long while I'd actually managed to do some miles in the frigger! - it then took 5 hours to for 'low' recovery truck to arrive!
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    Might as well be part of the furniture.
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    The main issue I see is that if you don't use these things on a regular basis then things just keep seizing up or breaking down, my fault really for leaving it stood for so long in the first place, just life got in the way of using it.

    It did put a grin on my face when I was driving it and everyone including the "veggies" and the save the planet types thought it was great (that surprised me).

    I need to get the brakes sorted and the indicators plus, as a minimum, paint that front nose then as you say uncle Fad a weekend away with the vette as their transport is what we will do.

    On the day of the wedding with everything that went on plus having to drive some even older people to and from the venue, I was unable to have a drink till around 11pm but boy did I make up for lost time and was soon in a VERY happy state I can tell you that

    If I find away of putting the video up I will just to show it did run well did doughnuts on the grass at any rate

    Roscobbc: I hope your issues are not major and a new set of bearings, an oil pump and gaskets are all that you require to be up and running again

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    Might as well be part of the furniture.
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    Outside the M25
    Well done At least everyone and every thing got to the venue. Looks like you had good weather to.
    Just don't wait another 5 years to sort it


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