for sale as a roller or with engine and box and injection or in any configuration really just want it gone. its time for a new start and this is the last connection to my old life.

rolling shell is a box chassis with cds cage all tacked in place needs finish welded body ready to lift off for this. front is a chromoly tube on coil overs and hairpins. rear is a nine inch with open diff on ladderbars from memory. jag coilovers i think. steering is stock 100e. no brakes on any axle . as you should be able to see from the pics its a chopped roof and is done really tastfully. set up for a sbc and four speed. but any engine will fit. 1200. includes v5c.

engine is a 2bolt 350 with a cam but thats about it box is a muncie four speed with a nice hurst shifter. been sitting for a good while so engine will probably need to be stripped and cleaned and inspected. 1200.

fuel injection is a jackson unit and is complete with pump and front cover fuel shut off pills lines barrel valve the full monty. 1500.

there are other bits and bobs that could be part of a deal like a spool pedal box by willwood jaz seat harness etc.

i will mix and match with the three main items into a deal or buy the whole lot for 3k.

duncan 07748999746.