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    Only just seen this, but nothing but agreement with Mr StillTrying.
    Nigel, we all have immense respect for you for what you believe in, and what you are doing, in this beleaguered age.
    But remember, we all (us old gits) with no training, no knowledge (apart from the odd magazine, workshop manual or an old man with fingers like ringspanners We worked in the street with minimal tools, no hoists, etc etc.
    I learned so much from my Dad, not actual skills, but his 'if someone built it, I can take it apart and fix it, and make it better' attitude, and that is what has taken me through my long and very varied career.
    Our early race cars were built in an asbestos shed (there might be a pic later if I can find it) , fired up in the driveway, and tested on the street in Central (ish) London
    I've dropped sumps and replaced pistons in pub car parks, towed ridiculous trailers with unsuitable cars, and a million other things....
    I think I speak for everyone on here, when I say that we all love what we remember of our youth in you.
    Any one of us could volunteer to pop round and sort this for you. But that isn't what you are about. You are keeping our dream alive, and you have a tool that we never had, the WorldWideWonderWeb to help you, and a large handful of ol' gits that have never met you, cheering you on.
    So give it a go, ask as many questions as you want, and we will all be here to cheer when it fires for the first time....

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    That's all very flattering to read, Mr. KCG. I don't know exactly what I can do at the moment but I should certainly like to prove my worth. An old clip-on bicycle motor seems like the best bet at the moment - and they look like quite a lot of fun! I'll have more luck getting that round my folks than a spare engine since they can't see the worth in having anything that doesn't work and takes up a lot of space. A Cyclemaster should be easy enough - there's a space it will fit in the shed, and even if the motor doesn't run/is disassembled, you've still got a functional bicycle rather than a stationary hulk of iron.


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