Afternoon All. I was registered here before but things changed etc.....

I am the current keeper of Keith and Barb Marshall's car, Sweet 16. A 1948 Austin 16 which they sorted originally in the 1970's. I acquired it as some divorce therapy and had some fun with it for a few years but, like a lot of things, life changed, budgets changed, needs changed and now she lanquishes is the garage, unused and a non runner. I find that while I still like the genre, I don't want to spend time and money on this any more! I plan to sell her, a probably get something to replace her but lord knows what! Something to get past my sons Subaru at Santa Pod maybe!

I'll push her out the garage into the sun shine, photograph her and advertise her on here and other places - she needs a decent home with someone with the skills and time/money to keep her going!

I have been in contact with Keith a couple of times and he did ask to be kept aware of where she ends up!